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tv challenge [2/?] actresses → LENA HEADEY

"Is shaving a third of your leg because you have to wear cropped pants considered REALLY lazy or just economical?"

"I’m going to be awesome at wielding weapons, driving fast cars and generally being bad-ass. I’ll be hanging out with Terminators and whatnots, introducing them to flat whites and generally chilling," — Emilia Clarke on playing Sarah Conner


Is there something you genuinely don’t like about Game of Thrones? x

Interviewer: Now what you think of this relationship that is gonna bloom, no doubt, between Margaery, your sister, and Tommen who is a little bit younger?
Finn Jones: Well it's a bit pedophilic, isn't it? I mean, how old is he meant to be? Dean Chapman's a lovely kid-- he's a lovely guy-- but I kind of get a bit weird when I see them together. It's a bit like, "Nat, c'mon."





Beyoncé Makes Susan B. Anthony Look Like A Shit-Sucking Gutter Feminist

From our sister publication, ClickHole

The ironic thing about this article is that it’s satire that’s supposed to be making fun of Beyonce’s feminism by comparing her to a “great” feminist like S.B. Anthony, when actually, Beyonce /is/ a better feminist than S.B. Anthony. Like S.B. Anthony was a fucking racist puta who only care about white femininity and stepped on black men and women in order to achive ~suffrage~ like… lmao ??  Susan B. Anthony /IS/ A Shit-Sucking Gutter Feminist

jamie’s character development in ‘a feast for crows’ thoooo

“We called it… the traveler. And its arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Mars and Venus. Mercury became a garden world. Human life span tripled. It was a time of miracles. We stared out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars. But the traveler had an enemy. A darkness which had hunted it for eons through the dark tracts of space… this darkness found us and that was the end of everything.”

Two sides of the same coin.

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how do extras in music videos get anything done instead of gaping at the artist the entire time?

My friend Mary was an extra on a Justin bieber music video and she kept hiding his water bottles to piss him off

Your friend mary is an inspiration to us all


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